What could be more zen than immersing yourself in a hot bath accompanied by your favorite bath bomb? And even more satisfying when we made this bath bomb with love :)

Today we give you our secret to make yourself a homemade bath bomb, to relax quietly in your bath and enjoy your favorite fragrance.


  • 335g baking soda
  • 14g cream of tartar
  • 9g de SLSA
  • 6g d'argile blanche
  • 1.5g shea butter
  • 2.5g vegetable oil of your choice
  • 6g of 96% alcohol (reduce the quantity to 4g if alcohol at 70°)
  • 6g de fragrance
  • 226g citric acid
  • Pigments (micas or food coloring)
  • A witch hazel hydrosol spray

Operating mode :

First, mix all the dry ingredients except the citric acid, i.e.:

  •     baking soda
  •     clay
  •     cream of tartar
  •     SLSA
  •     micas

- Melt the shea butter.

- In a small container, mix the butter, oil, alcohol and fragrance.

- Add this preparation to the powder mixture and mix thoroughly. (You can use a blender for more efficiency).

- Then add the citric acid.

- Adjust the texture with your witch hazel spray. (Don't put too much witch hazel otherwise the bombs will come undone as you unmold them)

- When the dough seems firm in your hands, you can move on to molding.

- Then let your bath bombs dry in the open air and if possible not humid, for 24 hours before using them or storing them in a box away from humidity.



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